Couples Therapy In a time when marriages face a 50% and higher divorce rate it is easy to see that something is missing in our attempt to keep relationships vibrant and growing. Our goal is to provide a supportive and solution focused environment where couples can know they are heard and understood as they partner together to co-create the path forward to bring health and wholeness to their relationship. Paul will walk with you into the challenge areas of your relationship in a Solution Focused Brief Therapy, forward focused approach. He will give you vital tools and new ways of thinking about your relationship that are designed to keep your relationship healthy and restore the areas in your relationship that have brought you to emotional gridlock. Family Counseling Whether your family has been through a major upheaval or could simply benefit from refining their communication skills with each other, Solution Focused based family counseling can be a way to aid everyone in that process. No matter how big or small the issues may be, family counseling can be a wonderful way to explore concerns and learn new things about each other. Family counseling can allow a family to connect better with each other, within themselves as individuals and with God as a family unit and individually. Exploring problems and then working on solutions will develop healthier hearts, minds and souls. Families in today’s culture are facing difficult and damaging issues every day. Family counseling can aid in bringing the family back together in a process that helps people feel loved, heard, and understood. We will explore the family unit in a supportive and nurturing environment meant to stimulate growth, love, good communication, and compassion in order to better understand the ways in which family members impact each other. Individual Therapy
Corban Counseling offers Solution Focused Brief Therapy individuals. Our work is relationally oriented and focuses on creating positive and lasting change in your life. This will help you identify and work through areas in your life that lead to destructive relationships and a sense of being stuck. We will help you look simultaneously at the best and worst in you, allowing you to operate out of a foundation of truth and understanding in which grounded decisions can be made. Individual therapy addresses your unique concerns or issues but can be related to family or marital problems as well. Many individuals are looking for guidance through specific situations in life and therefore therapy can be a helpful resource. Sometimes individuals will seek therapy to address problems in their relationships and individual therapy may actually lead to marital or family therapy if there are some issues with these relationships.
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